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Social Media as an Incredible Marketing Channel

Social Media Marketing  drives your business to enhance brand awareness, and build customer engagement through social media platforms.

Unleash the Power of Social Media for Your Business

Empowering Social Media Marketing will drive your company to an unbelievable dimension. Getting insightful information about your clients’ behavior is a great way to analyse your potential customers. 

Social media marketing helps to customise the marketing solutions based on your requirements and market conditions. It also helps to measure the results of your marketing campaigns with distinctive KPIs.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Better Online

Increase your social traffic to your website

Specific Audience

Improved Customer Reach

Establish your brand identity

Increased Profitability

Enhanced Customer Trust

Multiple Marketing Options

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Our well-experienced team can deliver fantastic results through Social Media Marketing campaigns covering all social media platforms.

Smartstaff as Your Smart Choice….

At Smartstaff, we are dedicated to offering incredible Social Media Marketing solutions with our unique capabilities.

Well-experienced team

Having a well-experienced social media marketing nz team is critical for your success.
Our expert social media marketing team has more than a decade of experience in social media marketing in NZ.

In-house creative team

Social media content creation is very important to engage with your target audience. Our creative design team utilises a mix of videos, images, and creative visual concepts to make your idea a reality.

Dedicated project manager

Our dedicated project manager will work with you directly providing up-to-date progress on your project.

Result oriented

We will make sure to share the data driven results with weekly/monthly reports on your campaign statistics and brand progress.

Our Packages

Package 1

$299 +300
Ads Budget

Upto 8 posts or stories per month

Platform Facebook/Instagram

Monitoring and respond to social media activity

Monthly content calendar 

Monthly summary report

Social Media Advertising

Ad content creation and design

-Target Market identification

-Regular updates on campaign progress

Package 2

Ads Budget

Upto 12  posts/ stories per month

Manage Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn

Monthly content calendar 

1 Creative Video (5-10sec)

1 Blog articles per month

Monthly report

Social Media Advertising

Ad content creation and design

Target Market identification

Pixel Tracking and Remarketing Ads

Weekly updates on campaign progress

Dedicated Project coordinator

Package 3

Ads Budget

Upto 16  posts or stories per platform monthly

Monthly Competitor Analysis Report 

Platform Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin

Monitoring and respond to social media activity

Monthly content calendar 

2 Blog articles per month

2 Creative Videos (5-15sec)

Inquiry management

Monthly review report

Social Media Advertising

Ad content creation and design

Target Market identification

Regular updates on campaign progress

Analytics Tracking

Pixel Setup

* Our experts are available to help you customise your Ad budget according to your needs. Maximise the impact of your campaigns and let us be a part of this exciting journey!

FAQ - Social Media Marketing

Why should I use social media for my business?

Using social media marketing leads your business to be more engaged with clients while providing cost-effective solutions which allows you to optimise your budgets.

How often should I post on social media channels?

The posting frequency depends on the brand, target audience and type of platform.

You can determine your posting frequency by engaging with our experts.

What is the difference between and Ad and a post?

Ads are the content posted on social media to promote products or services focusing on a wide market. Posts are the content pieces which is published on social media for information purposes.

Why do I outsource the handling of my social media channels?

  • Time Effectiveness: While you manage your day to day business activities, our social media experts will handle your social media with great care.
  • Content Strategy:  Our experts will work hard on researching and developing your business social media strategy and are capable of delivering the best content strategy to target your audience which will result in your business growth.
  • Better Results: Our experts have the experience and knowledge to develop the right social media marketing plan to grow your social media accounts successfully.
  • Cost: Outsourcing an experienced social media marketing team is more cost-effective than hiring a permanent team member.